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This is unexpectedly not about make-up haha

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I am so thankful I grew up watching A:TLA. Seriously I wonder about the crap kids are getting fed. I hope they get great shows like that now.

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I actually can’t take the dream sequence from Naruto 678. To many feels right there.

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English teachers can either be the coolest teacher you ever had or the worst thing ever

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The Summer Dress - Louis Icart

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Women against feminism are basically just arguing that their individual lives are fine and they don’t care about what other women go through

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Portal 2 OST | Want You Gone

My therapist just told me a joke.


So this girl walks up to another girl and says “Hey, have you heard of the Bechdel Test?”

And the other girl says, “Yeah, my boyfriend was telling me about it the other day!”

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Skyward Sword - Link; Concept Art

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When I stay up to late my knees hurt.

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The lake, though the objects on the shore were fading, seemed brighter than when it is a perfect day, & the Island pushed itself upwards, distinct & large—all the shores marked.Dorothy Wordsworth, 02.23.1802

[Andrew Wyeth]

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